About us

Alrajhi Education Management embodies the convergence of Alrajhi’s vast experience affiliated to investments in educational developments that are comprised of institutions, training centers, and book publishing.

(Objective) Alrajhi Education Management focuses on the application of 21st-century educational programs and practices, innovative teaching strategies, and constant research on how students in Alrajhi Education Management’s partnered schools learn best to ensure that each student is given an excellent academic foundation and is challenged to reach their full potential. Researchers and consultants at Alrajhi Education Management help evaluate and develop ways to enrich and enhance the local educational system at all levels

Alrajhi Education Management’s unique approach of implementing an American-faith based system caters to the residents of the GCC region



Alrajhi Education Management aims to strengthen its structural practices by providing innovative and knowledgeable academic advancements as well as employment opportunities within the educational sector in the GCC.



Alrajhi Education Management endeavors to research and administer 21st century techniques, practices, and opportunities on current and upcoming Alrajhi Education Management developments with a focus on the attainment and betterment of the burgeoning knowledge-based economies of the GCC.



Alrajhi Education Management’s philosophy for the attainment of its lifelong goal necessitates the 6 C’s of Education (community, collaboration, connecting minds, communication, critical thinking, and creativity) for academic advancement and future success.

Building an inclusive community that shares a common vision is at the heart of providing an educational experience to GCC residing students and aspiring teachers that extend far beyond the boundaries of current schools. Community building in and outside of schools such as through educational events for understanding curriculum learning objectives and offering scholarships is important to the organization’s mission.

Opening all channels of communication through state-of-the-art technological infrastructure and communicative procedures built into school policies and protocols creates the right atmosphere for connecting minds and ideas for our students to thrive in GCC’s multicultural environment.

American faith-based education with the incorporation of life skills into such a curriculum is of a primary concern according to the local demographic majority. Alrajhi Education Management believes this core standard will augment GCC nationals and expatriates to enhance their critical thinking skills, exercise creativity, and originality. A range of graduation qualifications for secondary level schools will serve as a basis for university and career readiness.



Alrajhi family has manifested success through many commercial enterprises and philanthropic projects. Alrajhi has invested and financed companies in and across GCC major market sectors including education, construction, real estate, aviation, digital marketing and design, and pharmaceuticals. With many of them making an impact in numerous industries worldwide, the most renowned one of them all is Al Rajhi bank which is the biggest Islamic bank in the world.

Alrajhi Education Management aims to serve the regional and international community by developing and applying innovative, knowledgeable, academic and managerial system advancements to accomplish its lifelong goal of groundbreaking success within the education sector.