Next Generation

Next Generation School is an American Islamic private school in Dubai; one of a kind, with diverse learning modules, a communication-centric approach towards education, expert teachers and an all American syllabus. Next Generation School was established in 2016 and is one of the best school campuses in Dubai. Next Generation School has outstanding facilities like botanical gardens, robotics labs, virtual reality labs, libraries & 90 classrooms, standard US size Gym, semi-olympic pool and learning corridors. Next Generation School has over one-hundred certified internationally recognized teachers.

Alrajhi Education Management uses Next Generation School’s facilities to help candidates with the practical component. Candidates will have access to classrooms with all tools and materials for successful completion of the clinical part.


Alrajhi Training

Alrajhi Training focuses mainly on Teacher Education and Development. Alrajhi Training prepares candidates for KHDA and US accredited teaching certificates. Alrajhi Training offers Teacher Preparation Qualification Program that is required by KHDA, through its partner TEACH-NOW.

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Arabic Literature

Alrajhi Education Management is developing a book publishing platform that focuses on Arabic literature for the Arab child. Our platform delivers innovative and inspirational stories for children where their knowledge and interests progress in the Arabic language. Our platform exemplifies its uniqueness through both a character-based model all throughout the various selections of literature and interactive monitoring and assessment of reading progress by teachers.

Alrajhi Education Management offers a tech-friendly reading application that plans to innovate children’s literature and enhance the cognitive processes of children’s’ reading in Arabic.




Alrajhi Education Management is the local partner of TEACH-NOW based in Washington DC, USA. Alrajhi Education Management facilitates all the procedures for the candidates from submitting the application, support along the course, practical components training, and helping the candidates with all the government procedures to get approval/permit.


Alrajhi Education Management has partnered with ESL 101 who assists certified teachers to build job portfolios and secure job interviews. Alrajhi Education Management ensures that all the graduates are well equipped with all they need to get hired by a reputable school.


Preparation Certificate

TEACH-NOW offers the only accredited online Teacher Preparation Program that leads to a US Teaching License and subsequently a Teacher Permit in Dubai. Our partnership with TEACH-NOW creates opportunities for young and aspiring teachers to earn an internationally recognized and licensed qualification, and substantially improve their career prospects as a licensed teacher.