TEACH‐NOW’s graduate teacher preparation certificate program was initiated under the National Center for Education Information. In February 2013, the 9‐month, 8‐module TEACH‐NOW teacher preparation program was approved by the District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) to lead to a full, standard, 4‐year renewable teaching license, which is recognized through reciprocity in most states. In July 2015, the District of Columbia Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) granted a Certificate of License to Operate an Institution of Higher Education: the TEACH‐NOW Graduate School of Education (TEACH‐NOW). At that time, Master’s in Education degree were launched in addition to the TEACH‐NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program. TEACH-NOW has recently been granted an approval for teacher preparation qualification from KHDA.

Alrajhi Education Management is the local partner of TEACH-NOW based in Washington DC, USA. Alrajhi Education Management facilitates all the procedures for the candidates from submitting the application, support along the course, practical components training, and helping the candidates with all the government procedures to get approval/permit.


ESL101 utilizes the collective knowledge of the global teacher community to connect teachers, recruiters and employers. User-driven ESL101 is a comprehensive resource for everything ESL as well as all other subject teachers.

ESL101 will feature a comprehensive job board for all teacher’s employment opportunities, and the ability for teachers, recruiters and schools to create profiles and interact with each other. In addition, ESL101 will offer resources for all teachers including lesson plans and visa information.

ESL101 is one of the world’s leading teacher recruitment agencies.

Alrajhi Education Management has partnered with ESL 101 who assists certified teachers to build job portfolios and secure job interviews. Alrajhi Education Management ensures that all the graduates are well equipped with all they need to get hired by a reputable school.


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TEACH-NOW offers the only accredited online Teacher Preparation Program that leads to a US Teaching License and subsequently a Teacher Permit in Dubai. Our partnership with TEACH-NOW creates opportunities for young and aspiring teachers to earn an internationally recognized and licensed qualification, and substantially improve their career prospects as a licensed teacher.

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